Saturday, January 26, 2013

Miilkbone- Hip-Hop 101

Back In Da' Day

I would like to take the time to re-introduce to you Miilkbone, a pioneer in the sport of Hip-Hop music. Just a few short months ago "Good Fella Tommy" as some may call him was off the radar and almost forgotten about in this game that we call "Rap". No longer. He has found new inspiration after tackling many of life's obstacles, and has managed to heighten himself in every way imaginable, bringing himself to a whole new level. If you don't believe me you can listen to the classic song "Keep It Real" and compare it to his music now and literally hear him breathe life into every track. With production by Enrichment, 1st Degree Heat, and Mar'z Muzick among many others, it is safe to say that this man can "Win". Each song tells a story, and each song shows where he is headed........ TO GREATNESS!!!!!!!

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