Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rizzo- "2 Steps" Produced By: J.Doe [Soundcloud]

Rizzo- "2 Steps" prod by: J. Doe

Heavily influenced by introspective greats such as 2Pac, Rakim, Eminem, Wu Tang, Nas, The Fugees, Big Pun, Big L and so on, Rizzo strives to reincarnate the organic 90's flavor while reaching todays hip hop enthusiasts in the current climate; all while maintaining integrity. Rizzo joined forces with fellow SPB Members Elsworth, Factz McFly & Farb and has been aiming to leave a long lasting positive contribution to the Hip Hop culture. Press play and I guarantee you listen to this track in it's entirety!

Since starting this blogging thing I've been able to witness some very talented artists, especially from New Jersey. I have to honestly say "I never saw this one coming!". In walks Rizzo, another Jersey bred emcee with an old school laid back rhyme cadence that forces you to listen. I sat in front of the terminal writing for another artist and my messenger goes off with a drop for the song "2 Steps". I was busy as hell and almost didn't look at it, but I'm glad I most definitely did. "What you thought this was gonna be a pop record from the title?", from the start I was hooked by Rizzo's presence and ultimately was impressed to hear this kind of maturity in a young emcee.

I got a hold of Rizzo and asked him to send me some bio information to post this blog. He wasted no time, and once again I was impressed with what he had to say, "Hip Hop has given me so much, that I truly strive daily to contribute to the culture; in some form. It’s time we as emcees hold ourselves to a high standard and say things worth hearing." In 2013, Rizzo plans to release “Project Push” as his trophy sophomore project. This young man is definitely destined to do good things, and MAR'Z MUZICK SAID SO!

Contact Rizzo for collaborations and find out more about his music:

Soundcloud: RizzoSPB
Facebook: Rizzo SPB
Twitter: @RizzoSPB
Instagram: @RizzoSPB
Mixtape on Datpiff: The Freelance

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