Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mixtape Music Review- Rob Hicks "Pipe Dreams 2"

I met up with an artist this week from Racine, Wisconsin by the name of Rob Hicks. He gave his mixtape and asked me to "just listen to it". I did just that and was impressed enough to do this music review. Rob Hicks is a 21 year old college student from Racine, Wisconsin. His music is evident proof that hip-hop has transcended borders and is everywhere. Coming from the Philadelphia area hip-hop is critical and taken seriously. Just as seriously as Rob Hicks takes his music. The intro skit "Ron Hicks Radio" is the setup to let you know who he is and what he is trying to accomplish. He quickly answers a tough question that many artist can't definitively answer, "What separates you from the rest?".

Pipe Dreams 2 opens with a song about reminiscent days of the past in "Dreams Don't Come True" which is an irony of where Rob Hicks plans on taking his music. Racine, Wisconsin has someone to cherish and get behind if they are paying attention. Rob Hicks has performed in the neighboring city of Kenosha, Wisconsin and the towns in between. He has been recording since the tender age of 8 years old with his long time friend Chuck Craze. His first mixtape was released in 2010 titled "Under Construction" and in 2011 "Long Nights and Early Mornings" was the first time he released a solo project. All of which led to Rob Hicks increasingly gaining hunger, popularity, and prompting him to begin the "Pipe Dreams" series. The first installment "Pipe dreams" was an underrated underground success with the tracks "Who Killed Tupac" and "One Man Army". It was now Rob Hicks' time.

The Midwest has seen an increase of talented unsigned artists recently and Rob Hicks is no exception. He has put together a creative effort with great content and a unique style and delivery. Pipe Dreams 2 has collaborations with Epic Hero, Chuck Craze, Chanae King and J Hutch, with a long list of producers such as Termination, Jaas, Stimp-C, and The Dallas Cooper to name a few. Most notably and my favorite record on this mixtape is "The Fake Life". Rob Hicks spits over a mellow sample and gives you the "Dream Life" of the industry from his point of view. I was thoroughly entertained and this track proved to me that Rob Hicks is onto something, and if he works hard he can achieve the success he is looking for.

Overall this is a great listen if you enjoy creative and song concepts. Pipe Dreams 2 takes you through a variety of different emotions and will make you think about life in general. You will get a chance to listen to a young man striving to become successful at something he loves. The quality of the music is above average with room to grow, the content is excellent and very creative, and the beat selection is outstanding. Overall I give this mixtape an 8 out of 10 only really wishing the skits were a bit shorter. Take a listen for yourself and reach out to Rob Hicks to collaborate.
Facebook: Rob Hicks
Mixtape: "Pipe Dreams 2: For the fans"

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