Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mixtape Music Review- Young Cyth

Young Cyth- "The Paper Route"

Congratulations to Young Cyth and Top Shelf Clique for the release of his electrifying new mixtape "The Paper Route". Hailing out of Eddystone Pa, Young Cyth has managed in just a few short months to put together some pretty damn good music. Only pursuing hip-hop over the course of the last 5 months, it is safe to say that he shows promise and also has a major upside in improving his craft, and proving he has what it takes at this level. Now Let's get into this review.

The first 3 tracks "Introduction", "The Paper Route", and "Reckless" set the mixtape off with a tribute to all the haters, and clearly defines the money mission Young Cyth is on. One of my favorite tracks "1000 Words" is fourth on the list and came at the perfect time. This was a personal song from Young Cyth opening up the window into his personal relationship with his parents. This track clearly lets you know Young Cyth is a human and endures the same trials we all do. I can always respect honesty and I believe the fans of his music do to. Personality is a trait lacked in a lot of today's music and Young Cyth touches this area perfectly. "The Paper Route" has a great musical flow with the production work being headed by The Kid Citizen, CEO of The Glasshouse Recording Studio. This was his coming out party and he held it down with a well above average sound quality.

The artwork was outstanding, the content was consistent, and has a ton of room for improvement by Young Cyth, an artist that has been doing this for only 5 months. This is something I will definitely check for in his future work. I must also say that for such a young artist (20) Young Cyth was also able to reach out into the community and land some very good artists to feature with him such as, Sounds of the Accomplice, Decal, Dotillz, Maseratti Ran, I Know Brasco, Chad West, and Young Rush. It says a lot especially for how competitive this game can be. Overall this is an exquisite blend of good music and strong lyrics featuring some of the areas finest talent. I give this mixtape a very solid 8 out of 10. Stay tuned in to Young Cyth. I have a feeling you will hear a lot more.

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